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Problem-based Digital Making

Bank Deposit Computer

Problem-based Digital Making Tasks Make a device that would display a student’s piggy bank balance after each deposit. Compare two offers:   The first offer is that the teacher gives her $3 today and $222 everyday thereafter.   The second offer is to give her $3 today; then each subsequent weekend (Saturday and Sunday), he gives her double … Continue reading Bank Deposit Computer

Prime and Composite Number Detector

Problem-based Digital Making Tasks Is 7081 a prime or composite number?   Make a prime or composite detector.   How CT may Support Mathematics Learning The use of conditionals and Boolean operators will come into play when checking whether a number is prime or composite. In particular, students will need to loop a function to check the divisibility of … Continue reading Prime and Composite Number Detector

Fibonacci Sequence Machine

Problem-based Digital Making Tasks To generate terms of Fibonacci Sequence and observe its parity.  How CT may Support Mathematics Learning Recursive repetition will support the generation of terms in the Fibonacci Sequence. Problem solving will be encountered with the first two entries of the Fibonacci Sequence being 1 and 1. Naming of two variables will … Continue reading Fibonacci Sequence Machine