PEDU 6406 – Action Research in Education

Graduate course. The conception of teachers as reflective practitioners and as transformative intellectuals has gained wide recognition in the field of education. This course is designed to familiarize students with the nature of action research in reflective and critical perspectives. It also aims to provide students with guidelines in developing their own action research plans … Continue reading PEDU 6406 – Action Research in Education

EDUC 4030D – Teaching Practice (I)

Undergraduate course. Provides students with the opportunity to integrate theory and practice in real classroom setting. Close collaboration between the course instructor, teaching practice supervisors and the participating schools allows us to plan and organize different learning activities for our students. In doing so, students will be able to develop a working relationship with the … Continue reading EDUC 4030D – Teaching Practice (I)

BMED 3060 – Teaching of number and number sense

Undergraduate course. Focuses on the understanding and cultivation of number and number sense, school children’s learning of basic quantitative skills, from counting objects to the four rules of arithmetic, both in exact calculations and in estimation. Related topics include: mathematics content knowledge, psychology of learning, pedagogical approaches, and epistemological relationships between mathematical concepts involved. (Fall 2016; … Continue reading BMED 3060 – Teaching of number and number sense